“Rooted and Built up in Christ Jesus” (Colossians 2:7)

Becoming established in the faith
Cardinal George Alencherry Major Archbishop,
Ernakulam – Angamaly Archdiocese, Kerala
St Paul in his letter to the Colossians writes: “If you have accepted Christ Jesus as Lord, let Him be your doctrine. Be rooted and built up in

St Paul in his letter to the Colossians writes: “If you have accepted Christ Jesus as Lord, let Him be your doctrine. Be rooted and built up in Him, let faith be your principle as you were taught and your thanksgiving overflowing.” It is by listening to the Word of God and experiencing Christ that you become disciples of Christ.

Next we need to check that as we grow in other ways whether we are truly growing spiritually. Are we growing to the stature of Christ Jesus? Are we able to preach the Word of God that He has given us? Are we able to practice the love which He has shown us?

In this age, people have to face every temptation. Hence it is all the more critical to “be rooted in Jesus Christ.” No man or ideology can save us. Only God can. Sin may be present but God’s grace abounds more. Whatever the sinful situation of our lives may be, God has raised us up in Christ Jesus and so we have to rejoice and praise God. We are saved by Christ Jesus and we form the Kingdom of God in this world.

We shall live our faith in the community that He has formed for us which is the Church. In Divine Retreat Centre you have a small replica of the church. Here the Lord preaches His word through His ministers. In this community He gives the grace for us to be united in Him. It is here that we become children of God in Our Lord Jesus Christ.

Let us revive our faith, listen to the Word of God and the Word shall enlighten us. It is not you who will be changing yourselves, but it is the Lord who will change you. It is the Spirit of the Lord that will prompt you to be converted, to come into the way who is Jesus Christ.

There is nothing we have brought into this world on our own. Whatever we are we owe to the Lord. It was His decision that we should have been born in a particular country, at a given time and also in a certain project for life. Everything is in God’s design. There is nothing out of His perfect design. Each of us can contain within ourselves the whole universe in our thoughts and in our sentiments and this great capacity is given by God and it is this gift that we must realize in our lives.

Our Lord Jesus Christ said “The word which I speak to you is Spirit and Life” (Jn 6:63). The Spirit makes us a child of God, thereby transforming our human reality into a divine reality. Those who have named the Centre have done it rightly because this is a Divine Centre. People who come here, become like God by listening to the Word of God. By practising the life of Christ you become really Divine. You become sons and daughters of God and true representatives of Christ in this world.

Only His life shall enliven you. It is His love that shall unite you. If you accept this reality in faith you will be rooted and built up on Christ, you will be living by the principle of faith, you will be overflowing with thanksgiving.

When I visit this Centre there is always an air of great jubilation here. I too was happy. From where does that happiness come? This happiness comes from the one Lord Jesus Christ who unites us. As God blessed our Lord Jesus Christ and all humanity through him, may you be blessed and may you be a blessing for the people around you. You can really spread the light of Christ to others by becoming a missionary of Christ to others.

Every Christian has to become a missionary. Every Christian has to become a preacher of the Word of God that they receive and a witness of the love of our Lord Jesus Christ. We are our mission. In other words the messenger has to become message. Each of us should be a message for others. If you are a young boy or a girl in the family, for your family you can become a message. If you are a young worker, may you be a message for the people working with you. Every Christian rooted and built up in Christ, living in faith is really a mission in this world.

May God be blessed through your lives! May Mary, Mother of our Lord Jesus Christ be your protector and guide you these days. She’s the one who lived the Word of God literally in her own life. She saw the will of God realized in her own Son and she took up that mission as her own. She was the first missionary, the Mother of the missionaries who built the church. Let us be real and faithful sons and daughters of the Church, which is a continued mission of our Lord Jesus Christ. May God be praised!

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“Rooted and Built up in Christ Jesus” (Colossians 2:7)
Cardinal George Alencherry Major Archbishop,
Ernakulam – Angamaly Archdiocese, Kerala
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