At the heart of the ministry of the Divine Retreat Centre is its service to the marginalized in society. Just as the Lord Jesus insisted that we abide in Him, He also made it clear that He will be found in “the least of His brethren.” The Lord who speaks to us in the words of the Bible, chooses to manifest His face in the sick and the suffering. In the history of the Church, St Vincent de Paul played a pivotal role in restoring the works of charity to the heart of the practice of the faith. The Divine Retreat Centre is run by the Vincentian Fathers who draw their spirituality from this great Saint. Care for the poor has been integral in the exercise of Divine Centre’s ministry of preaching the word of God.

The Divine campus includes nine charitable homes with over two thousand residents who have found a refuge and a purpose in life. For the functioning of this ministry the Divine Charitable Trust was begun and it oversees the following homes and projects.


Divine Charitable Trust

The mission of the Divine Charitable Trust is to provide a life of hope and dignity for the poor and the marginalized in society, irrespective of religion, race, gender or language. On 13 December 1999, Divine Charitable Trust was established as a charitable organization. It is registered under Section 6(1) of the Foreign Contribution (Regulation) Act. 1976 and is allocated the following registration number 052900354 vide Order no. 11/21011/65(015)/ 2005-FCRA-III dated 23 June 2005 by the Ministry of Home Affairs, India. The Divine campus includes nine charitable homes with over two thousand residents who have found a refuge and a purpose in life. For the functioning of this ministry the Divine Charitable Trust was begun and it oversees the following homes and projects.
1.The Divine Care Centre
2.St. Vincent’s Home for AIDS patients
3.Divine Palliative Care Centre
4.De-Addiction Centre
5.Maria Santhi Bhavan
6.Divine Villa for girls
7.St. Mary’s Home and Project for Women’s Empowerment
8.Divine Mercy Home
9.De Paul’s Home for Boys

Divine Care Centre

Divine Care Centre located in Shantipuram is the haven of peace for the 400 mentally challenged persons who have found a home here. They came in here burdened by their illness, but also suffering the deep pain of rejection from dear ones and society. Here they are cared for in a homely and prayerful atmosphere. The priests, nuns, doctors, nurses and volunteers relate with the residents freely. There is a visible bond of affection and friendship in the respectful service offered here. Medical personnel specialised in psychiatric treatment oversee their medical needs.

There is a daily schedule set in a gentle rhythm of prayer, work, exercise, occupational therapy and fellowship among the residents. This peaceful atmosphere has aided in bringing balance back to their lives enabling them to rise up to the challenges of the world outside.

St. Vincent’s Home for AIDS patients

Close to the retreat centre is a home for hundred persons suffering from Aids – adults and children. St. Vincent’s Home was begun in 1997. Apart from the physical toll, AIDS causes the scar of being rejected and defeated in life. However at St. Vincent’s Home, there is an air of freedom and new life. Medical care is provided by a dedicated team. All of them reached the Home depressed. Within a few weeks they experienced acceptance, new life and inner healing. Divine’s trained counselors lead them to reconcile with the brokenness of the past and to an attitude of thankfulness. No one is an outcast here. Prayer and faith have become a way of life for them. Children play, sing and dance in the evenings, filling the air with joy. Everyone accepts each day as a gift with much thankfulness. St Vincent’s Home indeed witnesses to that promise of the new heaven and the new earth where “The Lord will wipe away tears” (Revelation 21:4).

Divine Palliative Care Centre

Fifty terminally ill cancer patients are taken care at the Divine Palliative Care Centre. Medical care and counseling is provided for them and their family members.

De-Addiction Centre

Divine De-addiction Centre is a government approved centre for the rehabilitation of drug addicts and alcoholics. The addicts are closely monitored by a team of medical and counseling personnel until they are free of all their withdrawal symptoms. This is followed up by a rehabilitation process. Additionally they go through a series of sessions to get reconciled with their families. On completing their rehabilitation many have begun a spiritual journey and return regularly to make spiritual retreats in their resolve for a new life.

Maria Shanti Bhavan

Divine has taken up the mission of receiving a hundred elderly women who had no place in their families. They lived a life of giving life and raising families, yet in their twilight years it is loneliness and rejection that they received. Divine provides for their every need and drew them into a comforting spiritual presence. Some of them are bedridden and need complete care. Religious sisters, volunteers share their journey with love and prayer. A physiotherapist spends time working with the residents daily to keep their stiff joints supple. They have come to encounter the God who says, “Even to your old age I am He, even when your hair is gray I will carry you” (Isaiah 46:4).


Divine Mercy Home

Blended in the community of the Divine Retreat Centre are a group of elderly and rejected men. In an increasingly individualistic culture, these persons were abandoned by their families and found a home at Divine. Finding their peace in God they have become instruments of reconciliation and devote themselves to pray for the needs of the suffering world.


St. Mary’s Home and Project for Women’s Empowerment

This Home was established in 1990 as a refuge for destitute women and their children. They are provided food, accommodation and training in life skills. The education of their children is arranged as well


De Paul Home for Boys

Boys whose parents are not able to care for them are provided here a healthy and homely environment and education.


Divine Villa for Girls

Girls from families that are not able to provide or protect them are taken care of here. De Paul’s Home taken care of by Religious Sisters provides a safe and secure environment. Their education and training in various skills are arranged that they can confidently avail of a good future.


Support Us

In our journey with these “least brethren” of Jesus whom we have been blessed to accompany, we realize that it was no fault of theirs that they had to face the rough turns of life that led them to a point of rejection, abandonment and sickness. It could very well have been any one of us. It is therefore mandatory that we extend our hearts to accommodate and serve them.

If you are inspired to support any of the homes, individual children, the projects, please visit the support us page on this site. Your contributions to the Divine Charitable Trust will offer you 80G benefits. Most importantly, what you give, no matter how small that amount may be, will be counted by God who can never be outgiven in mercy.


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